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A holistic journey to success! Healthy Connections Coaching and Counselling strives to consider 3 dimensions of your life experience. Physical, Psychological and Connection. Allow yourself to grow. Gain awareness, set goals, create plans, be creative, take action and move towards the life you wish to create. Take action today!

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Connect to your best life.

Healthy Connections Coaching and Counselling

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On-Line Coaching

Want to create a effective life plan? Together we will determine the areas to set goals around, come up with a plan of action with accountability along the way.

On-line Counselling

Is there a psychological issue that is holding you back? You don't need to get through it alone.  Psychotherapy work can help you become aware of some the negative behaviours, patterns, historical beliefs that are creating discontent.

On-line Couples coaching

Would you like to get on the same page with your partner around your future goals together? Lets make a plan as a team.

On-line Couples counselling

Sometimes we need an outside support to offer a new perspective on the relational patterns and behaviours we have created in our partnership.  Work through difficult issues that may feel impossible to conquer on your own.

Your Con​n​ection Coach

LeeAn​n Leslie-Augustine

Registered Psychotherapist and Connection Coach, BA, RP, DipTIRP

I believe that everyone's life and experience is unique and my approach as a coach and therapist takes that perspective. With my calm, empathetic  non-judgmental demeanour I bring a balance of physical and psychological knowledge to my service. I began my career in the fitness industry after completing my degree in Kinesiology with a Psychology minor. I then pursued further education in the field of Psychotherapy. I did my post graduate work at Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy and became accredited by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). I have a Life Coaching Certificate and also bring my experience as an entrepreneur and parent to the table as well. My personal philosophy is everyone takes a different path in life and their definition for success is unique to them. We all have the potential to learn, grow and succeed. Often having someone to motivate and support us along the way is all we need to live to our full potential.

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